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Once, Lord Siva and Sri Parvathy, came to earth. During his snana, holy bath, in a river in kulikunnan forest , Lord Siva, happened to meet a tribal girl , koolivaka. She was an extremely beautiful girl. Seeing her immense and aphrodisiac beauty, Lord Siva soon developed an infatuation. Sri Parvathi, wife of Lord Siva, came to know about his infatuation. Parvathi transformed herself in the form of koolivaka. A child with divine power was born through this holy union. Sri Parvathi gave this child to koolivaka to bring him up. Lord Siva and Sri Parvathi blessed this child. The purpose behind all these happenings was the havoc of Demon Bringhasura, who was a menace to all living beings, especially the Devas. Later, this child killed the demon Bringhasura, at the age of seven.

This Child was, later known as Bhagavan Sri Chathan Swami.

Once, Chathan Swami travelled to Sri Kailasa. A buffalo was his conveyance. When Swami arrived kailasa, he changed his appearance as Lord Vishnu, with weapons Shanka, Chakra, Gadha and Lotus. Lord Siva well pleased and hugged his son .Lord Siva blessed him. "You will be known as Vishnumaya". After this incident, Chathan Swami also known as Vishnumaya


Bhagavan Chathan is an incarnation of Lord Siva. He is said to be born as one of the children of Lord Siva. His birth has a purpose and it has been extolled in legends. He was begotten our to anmihilate the demon Bringha owning to the incessant requests and prayers of the Devas in the upper world. According to legends Bhavagan Chathan at his seventh year killed the demon. Little more satisfactory and reasonable and practical explanation could of offered than this. The compromise over the perpetual conflict between the two versions of Aryan and Dravidian culture and the consolidation of these two cultures etc. are also involved here in the concept of Bhagavan Chathan.

After the amalgamation of the Aryan and Dravidian cults the Siva Sakthi was accepted as Maya. The trio Bharma, Vishnu and Siva came to exist then. Before this concept there were traces in our legends of wars waged between lord Vishnu and Siva Lord Ayyappa is the out come of this amalgum of the two. Cultural traits. The uniflication of these two cultural concepts perhaps might have been effected to satisfy the man in the street. It is believed that Siva’s passion for the glamourous Mayamohini of Vishnu brought about offspring in her – Satha. It signifies that a compromise was struck between the two rural schools of belief. Both the opposingsides struckagreement in adopting a creed acceptable to them – Bhagavan chathan. This was originated in the belief in the cult of Bhagavan Chathan.

There is yet another astonishing but interesting. Story behind the birth of Bhagavan Chathan. Lord Siva is said to have developed a fancy for a girl belonging to a nomadic trible. Sri Parvathy, wife of Lord Siva came to know of this infauation and to satisfy this wayward carving of Siva took the form of Koolicaka the nonadic girl. One version claims that Chathan is the off spring of this union. Parvathy however entrusted the original nomadic girl the custody of the child bestowing on her the honour of fostering the divine child Bhagavan Chathan spent his child – hood days in the forests and in Sri Kailasa.

It is the Thottampattu of the Mannan Community that has become the source material regarding the life sketch fo Chathan and Koolivaka. Mannan Patti which commemorated the legend of this glorious incarnation is the oral tradition that has perpetuated its histories generation to generation.

Lord siva, during one of his hunting expeditions, chanced to encounter in the interior of the jungle a Chandala – Paraya girl digging the ground for edible roots. Though a low caste Paraya Girl she was buxom and breath taking in her sensual beauty. Siva was instantly drawn by the allurements of her flesh, and in a surge of blind passion, he eventually took her by force drawing her to shadows of a black picture. Her remonstrances went unheeded in the violent fury of Siva’s passion. In the frenzy of the act of violation Siva’s sperms spilled out onto the ground and got soiled by the mud. His passion abated, the Lord mounted his elephant and traversed to Kailasa. Actually the Paraya girl was none other Sri Parvathy who had followed her consort incognito first. Had Lord Siva bestowned a little thought he would have discovered that no female other than Parvathy could have impelled his attention so deeply exerted such a powerful charm on him.

Koolivaka, went to the near by river to wash of the sweat and soil on her. After a refreshing bath she went back to her digging for roots. When she booan to dig first she got a grinding stone and then a copper pot. When she went on digging she happened to see bloodstains on the spade. When she looked around she happened to see about 400 Kuttichathans. Seeing them around her she remarked “oh! My little ones of god! If it is dance and songs that will please you it can be arranged. If Thira and Vellattu both are required that also would be offered”. Then all these Kuttichathans. When taken to her house. When Chennan Prayan her husband, came he happened to see these Kuttichathans seated in their 17 sq.foot room the room appeared as if it was packed up with upright stumps of plantain trees. If took all of them to Sri.Kailasa to Lord Siva. Siva was asleep and therefore Cehnnan Parayan urged Parvathy to wake him up. Seeing all these children SriParvathy wondered as it how these babies had a twine around their waist. She urged the father of children to get few meters of jungle creepers. Parameswaran cut each of toem a foot long and ties to the waist of the children and each one was named kutty Chathan. The last one was adorned with all kinds of ornaments& was named Vishnumaya Chathan. Adhikutty, Anadhikutty, Theekutty, Pookutty, Karimkutty,, Ponnunny etc. were the names given to all others.
It was Vishnumaya Chathan who should have a weapon of his own. He should have a weapon of his own. He should have a benefiting conceyance and he should be worshipped. Paddy wages were fixed for them Lord Siva gave him Kuruvady with small ringing bells or either side. A buffalo was arranged for his conveyance. They were engaged for work in the farm of Punjanaloor Pettery. It is this Vishnumaya Chathan. Their leader who received wages on their behalf. Then all of them went to Sri Kailasa.
The Family Deities

The traditional Hindu families in Kerala have mainly three deities for worship.

Sastha (Chathan) , Bhadrakali , Naagas (Serpent-gods).

Of these, Naagaaaradhana or serpent-worship is embedded to the earth. It is said that serpents are the true owners of the earth. The Serpent king, Vasuki, is believed to be lying around the earth. The serpent-gods bring to a family wealth and offspring.

Devi-cult is quite common to the Dravidian culture. The Devi in her fierce-form known as Bhadrakali is ever empathetic towards her devotees. Her generosity is devoid of reasoning. ‘Agamas’, the ancient religious text speaks of the 108 Durga temples and 18 Sastha shrines built by ‘Sage Parasuraman’ following the birth of Kerala. The 108 Durga (Devi) temples, shrines are for the protection of Kerala and its inmates.

Sastha temples are all situated in the valleys of Vindhya Mountain. ‘Chathan’ is not a single deity. There are 390 genres of ‘Chathans’ that form the aides of Lord ‘Vishnumaya’. They are ‘Sivabhootas’. The activity of each genre is different from the other. Some among them get into humorous actions. There are noble and fierce characters in these genres. Like thunder and the lightning, split of a second is enough for some to do wonders. Kind-hearted Chathans extend help to the deprived. There are also detached beings among them. In times of crisis some of them would come to our rescue. There are many temples where Lord ‘Vishnu Maya’ is worshipped as ‘Chathan’ and offerings made. But the concept of ‘Vishnu Maya’ as ‘Dharmasastha’ is unique to KURUPATHATTILL madam. The deity here is powerful and always ready to fulfill the desires of the devotees. There is a wrong notion that the ‘deity’ inflicts tortures on others without sufficient reason. For the downtrodden, the Lord is a lasting shelter. He takes arms only against acts of dishonesty and injustice.
Features of Kshethram

The Main deity of the temple is "Agora shivan&muttu mariamman".The other Gods in the temple are:

Maha bhadrakali
Maha prathingira
Sri raman
Naga kanya
Kari neeli yakshi
Kala bhairavar
Agni madan
Sri chakram
Vana durga
Sani easwar

Poojas are being performed to these gods daily along with the pooja to the main deity. Special Poojas are also being performed on special occasions like Sankranthi,!st day of Malayalam month,ayilyam , and on special offerings of the believers as a fitting tribute to the blessings of this powerful diety. The opening of the temple is at 5 pm in the evining, followed by a series of poojas till 9 PM.. After the pooja, Nivedhyam is served to the devotees assembled there at that time .

The temple opens sunday at 7am .